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Write now is a group focused on writing and improvement "right now" through feedback within the DeviantArt community. This is a group for all writers who have one common goal: improving their writing, right now.
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Apr 15, 2012


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We affiliate with all literature based groups as well as any group that accepts literature submissions.

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I would like to announce the "Before and After" contest winners. Sadly, we only had two people participate, but  both writers put a good effort in their pieces as well as showed improvement. As well, we had a few problems with judges being available, so the judges consisted of felineicecream, Slipinslider, and Life-Is-Oppurtunity. The winning piece was based on which piece improved the most. So without further ado:

1st place- :iconwinterkate:

Mature Content

2nd place- :iconlukstar97:
Lock (After)Life is a game for some, merely something to play with, a toy of sorts. They think that others are pawns in a show for their entertainment, with no real morals as to what might happen to those pawns.
To others, life is an obstacle, always getting in the way, never quite right. They wish for things, and are never really happy with what they have until the day they lose it all.
For many, life is meant for fun, for whatever one wants to do before they die. Those people run around doing everything they are told not to do without thought of the consequence, thinking that that is what 'fun' is.
Some think that life is whatever you make it. That's probably true in certain cases. What you do reflects who you are, and what others think of you.  And I know that I am completely accountable for the actions that made my life what it is, was, and will be.
To me, life is a prison and I in ever search of the key to the lock that binds me to this earth, to my wretched soul. I wander through t

The judging was based on the criteria:

Character Development- How well the characters were developed from the "Before" piece to the "After" piece.

Plot- How well the plot was constructed as well as improved.

Details- How well each writer detailed not just the characters, but as well as the setting and mood, as well as the improvement of details.

Overall Appeal- How appealing the overall piece was before and after.

Technical- How much the piece improved in grammar and technical writing.  

Overall, both of these girls did an amazing job at developing their pieces, and I hope you all take the time to check out some of their other work:


Mature Content

:thumb300215302: song of salti have never traveled a more weary road than the pathway of your skin
curving aria of paper throats burning slowly with the brown-dust plains song,
a skeleton whale-melody, mourning keen of salt and wind, this music curls copper
into the cat-shadows wrapping thick plush tails around your teak-wood arms;
this tune carves itself into your vertebra.
every so often i can make you tremble into verdancy,
coax the lilies from your lips, gasp & sweat out ocean's bones,
blossom the jungles rampaging underneath your blood. you need to let the tigers out more,
& remember that rain does not always mean death or heartbreak; sometimes
water can melt the wall of ashes & lead you down the phoenix trail; rebirth
takes place in rooms shaded georgia o'keefe with neon signs singing songs
of capitalism. flowers
for algernon. meandering down the ribbon of smoke lacing highway asphalt
gray and black into the four a.m. light you will contemplate gisbergian tragedy & epiphany like
in two hours you will still b

:thumb291419673: FacadeEvery day I wear a mask
To confront the grueling task
Of hiding emotion throughout the day
Not letting my feelings go astray
But it seems to be working
Everyone thinks I'm okay
So I put on my mask
And hope it doesn't crumble away
Time...If time left us
Where would we be?
Would we be living in the past
Fixing pain and misery?
Would the young look to the future
To see what it would hold?
Would some see how they die?
Would anyone be that bold?
If time left us
Would today even exist?
Or would present be a distorted box
That anyone could twist?
If yesterday could change
And tomorrow already gone
Would anybody care
About anything they have done?
Would caring even matter?
Would love be lost to greed?
If people knew they could just go back
And fix their every misdeed?
So I write to you all
In a notebook this gloomy day,
Use your seconds wisely
Let none of them go astray.
Let nothing be for naught,
Because I'm sure you already see
If time meant nothing
Exactly where we'd be.
More Journal Entries


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